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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Chris Lanzon!

Australian singer-songwriter Chris Lanzon has unveiled his sophomore EP, Far From Perfect.

The release arrives as the second chapter in a trilogy of EP's from the musician, following on from Melancholy, which served as a coming-of-age story documenting his growth in heartbreak. A journey of self-discovery and navigating feelings of doubt, the release features the previously released singles New York, Falling Apart and Always Forever. Built upon soft instrumentation, Lanzon's captivating vocals tones stir emotion across the collection of songs, .

Speaking of the EP, Lanzon shares: "Far From Perfect is a progression from my first project Melancholy, both sonically and thematically. Melancholy was a journey of finding purpose and identity through heartache, loss, and coming-of-age. It was a reflection on the end of my teen years, the lessons I’d learnt and stories I wanted to tell. By the end of it there was a sense of closure and contentment. However, from the get-go, Far From Perfect is a testament to the self-doubt and turmoil that comes creeping in after a fairytale ending. I’ve found that the more you learn about life and yourself, the more questions you begin to ask. With this project I wanted to explore those introspective hurdles and emotions. It’s ultimately about the acceptance of imperfection, and surrender to the serendipity of life. Nothing is ever going to be certain, nothing is ever going to be perfect… but that’s the beauty of it."

Lanzon, a former member of Australian boy band In Stereo, began his musical journey at a young age, competing in national televised singing competitions. After extensive touring with the group, Lanzon wanted to focus on his own projects. Self-releasing all of his music, Lanzon has amassed over 550k streams across platforms and has built up his fanbase as a solo artist.

Far From Perfect is out now! Watch an exclusive stripped back performance of New York, Falling Apart below.


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