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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Get an inside view into the animation from the songs official visual!

Image: Andrew Fawcett

Sydney born and Adelaide bred siblings Caroline and Claude have today made their debut, with their punchy single, Stir The Pot. Bringing sparkling pop melodies and minimalist production, the track is all about causing a little trouble and drama with your loose lips. Caroline takes us behind the scenes of the making of the songs visual!

Stir The Pot arrives alongside an official visual, self-directed by the duo. Showing off their playful side, the visual captures the tongue-in-cheek nature of the track, whilst also introducing us to Claude's animation skills. Made up of vintage style clips

"Claude first started doing stick animations with our cousins when he was a wee little boy. they used to use the program pivot on our nanna's computer haha! He also went to Tafe for a short period of time where he learnt some great skills on digital animation. He is clever at these things... I am not so clever at these things hehehe" says Caroline.

Speaking of the visual, the duo share: "We shot this video during lockdown, which meant we had to film and create our own animations we wanted it to feel playful, and just wanted to creatively vomit on it ahah- that’s why we have so many things going on with gifs, our animations etc! it also then shows the messiness and chaotic behaviour of gossip and the premise of the song."

Having grown up within a musical household, the duo began creating together only last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic threw the nation into lockdown. Bringing their zesty Gen Z wit, Caroline and Claude musical lineage goes back to their grandparents, who spent their youth performing in jazz cafes in their native India. Now, the siblings are carving out their own path.

Top Left: Claude creating the animation for Stir The Pot.

Above: The original version of the character claude animated for the video

Left: The animation process

"I must admit; Claude really surprised me with this animation. Don't get me wrong... I knew he was capable but I'd never seen him do any work like this before. It took him around two weeks to do all the animations. (he insists if he had've dropped out of school sooner he could have done it in a week lol). In classic Claude fashion he wouldn't let me see it until it was up to his (very high) standard. I knew he would make it cool but when I saw it I was super excited and blown away! I fell in love with the little animation versions of us (see below). I have never seen myself as a little cartoon girl before and I felt pretty cute heheh" Caroline ads.

Stir The Pot is out now! Watch the visual below.


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