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Image: Lotta Boman

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Birdy, has unveiled the second taste of her highly anticipated fourth studio album, Young Heart, with her new single Loneliness. The track is accompanied by a stunning visual, directed by Grammy Award-winning director Sophie Mueller, continuing the pairs collaboration after the release of Surrender.

Co-written with Jamie Scott and produced by James Ford, the mesmerising track tells the tale of the lingering afterthoughts after the demise of a relationship. The subtle song fuses together organic and synthetic textures, to create an impeccable composition where the musicians vocal shine with sublime lyricism atop a moving arrangement. Loneliness’ music video depicts the singer within her own isolation, experiencing the push and pull of the lull of comfort and the starkness of reality.

Jasmine van den Bogaerde, the musical mastermind behind Birdy, shares of the track: “I’m really excited to share ‘Loneliness’ from my new album Young Heart. When I wrote the song there were two characters in my head, a mischievous one and another who’s being led astray. It’s not so much about leaving someone but more of a love song to Loneliness.”

With Young Heart scheduled to drop in April, the record is set to tussle between light and dark, between that vastness of space and the interior of home, The conflict between wanting to hide away and being compelled to go away, to new places and new experiences play out across the record. Where previous records have had a magical aura around them, Young Heart navigates uncharted territory, painting a portrait of an artist in pain, looking for the light.

Speaking of the new record, Birdy shares: “I’m so proud of this album, my last record was a lot more theatrical – there was a lot going on, it was a big production. Whereas this is quite stripped back - anything that didn’t need to be there, isn’t. There’s no decoration. This album just feels very personal – I’ve grown up a lot over the past five years and have experienced new things that have shaped my understanding of the world, but also of who I am as an artist. This album means a lot to me - I want to protect it.”

Having been discovered at the age of twelve, Birdy shot to fame in 2011 with the release of her debut self-titled record. The album featured the singers cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, which sent her to the top of the charts in Australia, gaining critical acclaim which led to a sold-out headline performance at the Sydney Opera House. Fast forward ten years later and van den Bogaerde has 21 platinum singles worldwide, 1.6 billion audio streams worldwide, 1 billion YouTube views, GRAMMY and Bird Award nominations and penned tracks for blockbuster films including The Hunger Games, Disney PIXAR’s Brave and The Fault in Our Stars.

Young Heart is out April 30. Watch the music video for Loneliness below.

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