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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Luke Mckenna

Brisbane four-piece Beddy Rays have dropped their new single, On My Own, offering up a more personal and vulnerable side to the band. Exploring themes of loneliness and putting your mental health first, the track brings the bands signature catchy melodies and electrifying guitar lines, with frontman Jackson Van Issum delivering a commanding vocal performance.

"On My Own takes you to the darker side of our songwriting and taps into the melancholy aspects of being alone. It’s about the importance of taking time to yourself to sort out your own backyard, taking on whatever comes your way and backing yourself on every step of the way” Van Issum shares.

The release is accompanied by an official visual, produced by Umbrella Creative. We meet the four piece in guitarist Lewis McKenna's fathers shed, a place of holy ground for the band, woven together with clips of the group around town.

McKenna details, “We were throwing around some ideas for a music video and came up with this super elaborate story that revolved around the words ‘On My Own’ then we slept on it and thought nah f**k that, lets keep it simple. We wanted to keep it very Reddy Bay so the idea came up to do the shoot in Lewy’s dad’s shed because it has shit spread everywhere and thought it was an awesome setting for the kind of clip we were going for. We also have some very fond memories attached to that shed, most of which involve a particular sports drink plastic bottle with a suspiciously short garden hose poking out of it. The rest of the footage is just us wandering around reddy bay visiting places we used to linger, along with some gig footage to give it a bit of seasoning”

On My Own is out now!


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