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Watch our interview with Ayesha below!

South Asian-Australian artist and actress, Ayesha Madon is back with her new single, Eulogy. The track arrives ahead of the second season of Netflix's Heartbreak High.

Delivering a glimmering slice of alt-pop goodness, Madon shifts her sonic focus to create a drum and synth-fuelled soundscape heralded by dynamic production that builds towards a delicate piano-led ending. Written in her grandmother's garage, the introspective song finds the singer dissecting her own life and her portrayal to the world. Conversational and relatable lyricism unfurls, brought to life by Madon's earnest and captivating vocal performance - showcasing her range and songwriting prowess.

“I was thinking about what I would actually tell people about myself if I had the guts to be honest? Why are we as a society so obsessed with the portrayal of unrealistically epic and perfect versions of ourselves and others? Especially when it’s so far from the messiness of the human experience. It’s about the gross disparity between our carefully crafted images and the sometimes ugly reality of being human. Cringe Pinterest quote energy but I think there’s way more beauty in the imperfection and pain of reality then in the erasure of it. So the song is about embracing all the BTS footage and dirty laundry that for some reason we never dare to air. Warts n all." Madon shares of the track.

In a few short years, Madon has placed herself as one of Australia's most exciting and endearing artists. Between her role as Amerie on Netflix's juggernaut reboot of Heartbreak High and musical endeavours, the artist has placed herself at the forefront of Australia's Fashion scene having been named Melbourne Fashion Week's official 2023 Ambassador.

Eulogy is out now!


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