Image: Bradford Rogne.

Singer-songwriter Alex Shera has made his debut with his single, Fire. On the song, Shera details the hard emotions one can be faced with when feeling like their world is falling apart, whilst still wanting to help someone else from their own wreckage.

"Fire details the idea of when you feel like you're suffering and falling apart, you still leave room to be there and help pull someone else out of their own fire, their own messes, their own world falling apart. You're still willing to put that other person above yourself because you care too much. Basically the act of selflessness and the high that it gives you." the singer shares of the track.

Having worked with producers such as Devin Kennedy (Songland) and Micky Skeel, Shera takes inspiration from the 2000’s pop hits music of his youth, combined with his appreciation for nostalgic love melodies and emphatic undertones. He cites artist ranging from Lana Del Rey, Years & Years, The 1975, Imogen Heap, and more recently Jeremy Zucker and Gus Dapperton as some of his favourite acts.

Fire is out now! Watch the music video below.