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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their highly anticipated ninth studio album, Voyage, is out next month!

Image: Baillie Walsh.

ABBA are keeping the nostalgic hits coming, with their new single, Just A Notion. Bringing Waterloo vibes, the track serves as the third taste of the bands highly anticipated ninth studio album, Voyage.

Just A Notion brings all the classic staples of an ABBA hit: captivating harmonies, infectious melodies, sparkling piano and storytelling and relatable lyricism. The track is basically ABBA folklore, having been initially written and recorded in the late 1970's for Voulez-Vous, with a snippet included on the 1994 Thank You for the Music box set.

Of the track, Björn Ulvaeus says: “Wikipedia says this track was recorded in September 1978, which sounds about right. That puts it in between ABBA the Album and Voulez-Vous, and it would have been included in the latter had we not decided against it. Why did we decide against it? In hindsight, I don’t have a clue. It’s a good song with great vocals. I know that we played it to a publisher in France and a couple of other people we trusted and as far as I can remember they liked it very much. So it’s a mystery and will remain a mystery.”

“Now Benny has recorded a new backing track to which we’ve added drums and guitars, but all vocals are from the original 1978 tracks. In a way, it demonstrates what we plan to do with ABBA Voyage in 2022. There, we will have a live band playing, but all vocals will be from the old recordings. Just a Notion is a ridiculously happy song and hopefully it will cheer you up in these dark times!”

Announcing their return last month, Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Fältskog, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad treated fans with two new songs, and the announcement of their new live concert experience, ABBA Voyage. The revolutionary new concert experience that will bring the four-piece back to the stage, performing digitally with a live 10-piece band. Did we mention they're building their own arena just for ABBA Voyage? Well they are. The arena will be constructed in London and will house the live experience from May next year. The digital versions of ABBA have been created through the use of archival footage, with the implementation of motion-capture on present day ABBA who performed every song from the concert in front of 160 cameras. Working with a team of 850 from Industrial Light & Magic, the experience is set to bring the magic of ABBA to life, bringing the 1979 era of the band to the stage.

Voyage out November 5! Listen Just A Notion below.


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