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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


On My Soul is out now!

Image: James Wajura.

Australian hip-hop artist J-MILLA has dropped his new single On My Soul ahead of his appearance at this years BIGSOUND. To celebrate the release and his forthcoming performance, the musician has shared with MILKY five First Nations artists he's excited to see on the BIGSOUND stage.

“I’m really pleased with it, it shows my deeper side, my lyrical side - adds depth to my range, so while I still love the club bangas, I always will have room in my set for the more dramatic moments and this is one of them.” the musician shares.

“It tells a snippet of the story of my life, from where I started to where I am now and how my values have changed and evolved. It speaks of the importance of being authentic and having integrity because everything you do imprints your soul and you wear that stuff, that energy, so I want my energy to shine with good vibes.”

Having made the BIGSOUND50 list in 2020, J-MILLA is set to make his debut at the renowned Australian showcase on September 6 and 7. He'll then take to the stage at Yidiyi Day in Wadeye on November 4, before ringing in the New Year at FIELD DAY on January 1.


His lyrics and storytelling is something special and he is a true voice for our people and the wider community of Australia. I am keen to catch my brother and watch his show for the first time at Bigsound.


I got word back from Darwin, NT that her show was something, I am keen to catch her at Bigsound and see what her vibe is all about.


Her powerful storytelling is something we need for First Nations sistas in the industry. Miss Kaninna is breaking the cycle to hopefully make other younger First Nations girls step out of their comfort zone with her new single 'Blak Britney'


Denni is like the Australian version of Young M.A. I am downright digging for her vibe and respect what she brings to the blak community in Australia.


I’m really keen to check out what this rapper is about. He’s music reflects both First Nation and African American vibes and I hear he does good work with mob in community and that’s always a good thing and worthy of support.

On My Soul is out now!


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