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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Bulletproof is out now!

Meanjin-based indie-pop artist Yb. has delivered his new mixtape, Bulletproof. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things that influenced him whilst creating the collection of songs.

“Bulletproof is an anti-concept Mixtape, and a bit of an FU to unwanted opinions and perceptions. In the past, I’ve talked about my over-confident, cocky alter ego, who emerges after a period of pain or sadness. Bulletproof encapsulates that, and the fearlessness I feel in this moment - it's a collection of songs that don't need to be connected by a throughline, and it’s a reminder to myself to only release music that feeds me.” the musician shares.


Bakar has and always will be one of my biggest influences in music (I’m sure people are tired of hearing this). His brain, versatility and range will always have me in a chokehold. I wanted to tap into a similar versatile space with this mixtape; meaning that from song to song you get a completely different genre and style.


Jackie Hayes is the blueprint of new indie/alternative music. She takes so many risks with her music and that’s what makes her and her project so unique and refreshing. Her project was on repeat throughout the process of creating the mixtape so I’d say that she had a huge impact in what I wanted to be making going into these sessions. I suggest you check out some of her stuff!  


Love is scattered throughout all of my songs to some extent. In a way I see feelings like hate, joy, excitement as forms/embodiments of love so I thought It would be interesting to explore these motifs throughout the mixtape. I also think it’s really cool that I get to hear about (a lot of the time in detail) other artists' experiences with the drug. 


Royel Otis is one of the most thrilling bands to come out of Australia in the last decade in my opinion. Their song Kool Aid is such a catchy, interesting summer tune and I wanted to embody this feeling with TELL ME WHAT THE COST IS


Northern Attitude and Cool About It are songs that I didn’t think I needed until I heard them. They are such a sonic release and are genuinely reminiscent of mountains. Have another listen with this thought in mind and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The lyrics in my song Abolish Unrest try to paint a clear emotional and mental picture; both of which Noah and Boygenius symbolise within an inch of their lives.

Bulletproof is out now!


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