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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Eddie is out now!

Image: Conor Sprague.

Sydney-based artist, Will Baker has shared his new single, Eddie. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five of his guitar heroes.

“I wrote this song One Night [sic] with my drummer Giac. We were in love with it straight away. Was a super easy process and a song that the whole band looks forward to playing every gig. I remember wanting to write a song about one of my mates who was going down a bad path.” Baker shares. “The music video was nuts. The theme was very rock n roll which we all bought into very well. First time I've ever worn makeup as well, haha. Loved every second of the shoot day.”


I literally remember the first time I heard sweet child of mine and was a big reason of why I was so passionate for music and guitar at a really young age. I’ve been to also every Sydney show his played and even met him. My favourite solo is probably November rain. It’s just so beautiful. 


His stage energy is absolutely just out of this world. His style is just so incredibly rich in style and simplicity. 


John Mayer is why I started writing songs. But his guitar playing is a massive influence on my style of playing. 


Bon Jovi’s sound is just so iconic and something no matter how I am feeling I’m drawn to. Just a perfect balanced tone of classic rock and pop.


The tones from U2 are so inspiring for me. U2 is one of my Mums favourite bands so i really remember them from when i was super young and it's such a nostalgic experience listening to them.

Eddie is out now!


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