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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Wondering Oblivion is out now!

Image: Laura May Grogam.

Melbourne sister indie duo Charm Of Finches have today shared their third studio album, Wondering Oblivion. To celebrate the release and their forthcoming tour, the duo have shared with MILKY what they're most looking forward to about touring!

We can't wait to be touring again! We just announced our first international tour - 13 dates in the UK- which we have been waiting a long time for. There will be European dates added later!


Playing our new album with a special band put together especially for our home-state shows, featuring Indyana Kippin and Alice Hurwood on viola and cello, and Isaac Barter on percussion and other textures (he actually mastered our album too).


That magical, electric energy of live shows - those beautiful moments at the start and end of songs, the musical play-off between band members, all mixed in with the excitement, emotion and adrenaline - it’s such a specific chemistry which happens that just doesn’t happen with an online show.


The timeless feeling of being on the move on tour; driving to a new town, anticipating meeting a whole new group of people and telling them our stories. We were lucky enough to visit a special town this year called Tanja on the NSW south coast. It was one of the most magical gigs of our careers. The show was in a church in a forest, all lit up with fairy lights and surrounded by frog sounds and bird calls. We can't wait to discover new places like this!


Writing new songs- it's strange, but some of our favourite songs have been born on tour. We wrote The Bridge years ago on our journey up the East coast of Australia to play at Woodford, where we were taking a walk along a bringe and stiumbled on a group of young people grieving their friend, who had a tragic accident there that week. It was just before Christmas and it was really shocked and moved us enough to go home immediately and write the song. Being on tour actually creates a space to feel and notice the world around you in a new way.


We wrote the songs for this new album Wonderful Oblivion during a time when we couldn't play them live due to lockdowns. Unlike our other albums, these songs are actually largely untested on the live stage. When you play songs live repeatedly, like on tour, they sometimes grow and change in new, surprising ways. We are very excited to start giving them life.

Wondering Oblivion is out now! Listen to the release below.


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