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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the Laneway Series, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Kane Hibbered

We've teamed up with Melbourne acoustic-folk three-piece Woodlock to bring you the Laneway Sessions! The second part of this series of live performance visuals features performances of Normal and Start Again. The live visuals offer fans an intimate moment with the three-piece, stripping back songs from their vast catalogue and performing reimagined versions exclusively for the series.

Speaking of Normal, Zechariah Walters shares: "We’ve had the song Normal for years. We’ve always loved this idea of speaking about love beyond honeymoon phase. So we wrote about love without ever using the word itself. For a lot of people they see love in the small things. The things that only they could ever know about you. “Late nights talking in your sleep, careful but a faint familiar sound”

"Start Again was always an interesting one for me. It had this deep extremely personal meaning for me that I wasn’t sure could be shared." says Walters. "However when Eze took the song and sang it he really breathed this new life into it. It was written on piano and had this grandiose feel. I remember him stripping it all back and playing it back to me just him on the guitar and it was like it was written for him. So when we went into Laneway Studios I asked if Eze could do it on his own so people could experience what I did first hearing it."

Made up of New Zealand brothers Zechariah and Ezekiel Walters, the pair met percussionist Bowen Purcell whilst travelling, with the trio setting up base in Purcell's home of Australia. Since their formation in 2011, Woodluck have released four EPs, Lemons, Labour of Love, Sirens and Collateral. Earlier this year, the group unveiled their debut full-length body of work, The Future of an End.

The Future of an End is out now! Watch Normal and Start Again from the Laneway Sessions above.


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