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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Eternal Tiare is out now!

Image: Cal Foster.

Sydney-based Korean-Australian artist YURA has unveiled her debut EP, Eternal Tiare. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking us through the collection of songs track-by-track.


I had quite a big falling out with someone I was close to, but due to circumstances I still had to see them quite regularly. I was in a very conflicted place because I still wanted to make peace with them, even though they had done wrong against me. Until I could fully figure out how I wanted to approach our friendship, I still smiled and talked to them as if nothing had happened - that went on for a while. Fake Friends was born out of this situation, and I think many can relate, even though it can manifest in different ways. I hope they can listen to this and feel some comfort to know they’re not alone in choosing peace, even when it’s uncomfortable sometimes.


This is one of the first songs I made remotely with Andy Hopkins when the COVID pandemic was going on. I think some time had passed since the restrictions were put in place and I just remembering wanting to get out because I felt like my energy was just getting sapped out of me as the days passed. At a glance, the song might seem like I’m singing about running away with a love interest but I feel like the focus on “Glow” is actually less about the romance aspect and more about telling myself to get out, glow, and revive the spark within myself. 


I think the cute little easter egg in this song is using honey as a metaphor for love. Honey is a food that never spoils or goes bad and I feel like that’s the kind of love I would want to feel for a partner I’m doing life with. I imagine this song being sung in a car with someone you cherish and getting heart eyes for them while you do.


I came up with this song sometime when COVID restrictions started to ease. I was reflecting on major events or days that had passed during the lockdowns, my 21st birthday being one of them, and this song had become a little log of what I felt during that time.


I feel like so many beautiful girls around me still compare themselves so much to what they see online and put themselves down more than I wish they would. I think I tried to write this song in the perspective of one of those girls. I just hope anyone struggling with comparing themselves with others might listen to this and maybe realise in a weird way that their thoughts can be misleading once they hear their thoughts articulated by another person in song, and that they know they are much more than what they make themselves out to be.


I made this song while I was going through a slump and just felt really determined to go through a big change. I really love transformation animes like Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew and I had this fun image in my head of using laundry as a metaphor for transforming myself into something glamorous and fresh. I feel like this is a cute, goofy pick-me-up song that people can use as armour like those characters whenever they might feel down.


I left this track open ended, so whether someone’s going through a heartbreak, situationship or dealing with a crush, they can listen to this and hopefully relate to the motions of being with someone they know they can’t have. In the end, all the person can hope for in the end is to stay in touch with them.

Eternal Tiare is out now!


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