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Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos.

Global superstar Robbie Williams has hit our shores! Last night, the beloved musician began his XXV Australian tour at Sydney's Allianz Stadium, supported by Gaz Coombes. We're sharing our top five moments from the show with you.


It’s a song that always gets the crowd going and singing along, but it was extra special hearing Williams' rendition and doing the song justice. His powerful vocals boomed throughout the stadium, accompanied by a rapterous choir that was the audience. The musician dedicated the song to Farnham, wishing him all the best amidst his personal health battles.


Towards the end of the show, Williams jumped off stage to find someone to dedicate and sing his cover of World Party's She's The One to. He searched the crowd for "my friend Charlie," before ushering him and his partner to the front of the mosh pit. Asking Charlie's permission if he could sing the song to his partner, Williams paused and asked, 'do you have a question you want to ask her first?' The crowd erupted in cheers knowing what was to come. Within seconds Charlie was down on one knee and over 40,000 people witnessed a live proposal, proceeded by a heartfelt speech - even Robbie said so.


Hearing Williams in between songs share stories stories or anecdotes to how the song came to be, or an experience relating to the song, created a unique relationship between the singer and the audience. One that felt like old friends catching up. Particularly reflecting on a Take That music video, before witnessing him sing the five-pieces iconic track, Back For Good. Having watched his Netflix series, it was great seeing the connections made between the screen and stage. Another special moment was Williams including us in creating a congratulatory video for his daughter Coco who won a special award at school. These moments create a down to earth aspect in amongst the high glitz and glamour of a stadium show.


As someone who grew up listening to Robbie Williams (Sing When You're Winning was the first album I ever recieved) hearing certain tracks like Rock DJ, Kids, Feel and Angels in person created such a wonderous experience. A nostalgic vibe that had you throwing it back to your childhood lounge room where you recorded video clips on VHS just so you could learn the words and choreograph dances with your siblings. Plus Williams’ vocals were brilliant, showcasing the light and shade of his inimitable tone. The RW quality shone through.


I didn’t think anyone could match Harry Styles’ audience interaction rate, but trust it’s a fellow Brit who’s get there. Williams’ interaction with a couple of audience members had us connecting in a whole new way. Creating special moments that had the selected parties visibly enamoured by the interactions, and the rest of us smiling along. There was one point where Williams spoke to a lady called Tina and her husband was nearby filming the encounter, Williams progressed into the song She’s The One and the cameraman stayed on the couple. Whilst Tina watched the performance her husband was singing along, mouthing the lyrics whilst looking at her shrouded in love. He recorded a video message to one audience members sons, thinking they'd be young children but in fact they ranged from teens to early twenties, sending them a message from 'Uncle Robbie.' Williams creates these beautiful moments that make love shine through within his live shows.

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