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Food Court Days is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Gold Coast band Pure Milk have shared their new single Food Court Days. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY their top 5 food court feeds!

“The unbridled joy of the mall, the cheap feeling of fluorescent lights, the lost freedom of a near empty Kmart. All our formative moments came from food courts on Thursday late night, don’t lie you yourself.” frontman Lewis Nitschinsk shares.


Lead singer Lewis reminisces: So Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast has two food courts, an old one and a new one. At the old one there is a Chinese fast food joint that does these vegetarian buns. They're insane. They come with the soy sauce/vinegar combo and you can add chilli sauce on top. I think it's like three for seven dollars or something. I get them every time. Also bran muffins from Muffin Break, a timeless treasure in our small world.”


The classic chain satisfies rhythm guitarist Tiarne’s sweet tooth: “Hear me out - Muffin Break has it all! Childhood nostalgia, milkshakes and a place to sit with your Nan, but best of all their white chocolate butterscotch muffins are the ultimate afternoon tea food court snack.”


Lead guitarist Dylan has a soft spot for Subway: “My favourite food court feed might have to be a Subway Meatball on Italian Herbs and Cheese. I think it takes me back to being younger because Subway was always good value for the little pocket money I had. I also have a special place in my heart for subway cookies”


Drummer Brayden can’t go past the golden arches: “Nothing’s better than smashing a large Quarter Pounder meal from Maccas. Our local shopping centre had a random golf range across a huge lake called ‘The Promenade’. We’d grab our feeds and watch the quality entertainment of everyone’s failed attempts at a hole in one.


Bass player Nathan misses the fresh taste of his local Salsas: “So this is a flashback, but I remember going to Salsas with my mates all the time. They’d do taco Tuesdays - $2 tacos! We’d always order stupid amounts before hitting up the movies and candy bar.”

Food Court Days is out now!


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