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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


To celebrate the release of their new single, Ethereal, Duclie walk us through the ten songs that make them feel ethereal!

Image: Daniel Hildebrand

Four-piece indie girl band Dulcie have today unveiled their shimmering new single, Ethereal. The dreamy track, which is dropping under the bands very own label imprint Lapis Lazuli, began as a poem written by band member Ash Carr-White.

To celebrate the release, Dulcie have put together an epic list of songs that make them feel ethereal. From Pink Floyd to AURORA and slenderbodies to London Grammar, here are ten songs to listen to after blasting Dulcie's new single all day long!

1. Hey Now - London Grammar

The simplicity of this song and slow melodic vocal creates such a spacey ethereal like feel. This is one you could close your eyes to and drift off to another dimension.

2. Comfortably Numb -Pink Floyd

Love the use of reverb and swelling throughout this song. The low, mysterious sounding melody and vocals really draw you in and take it to the next level.

3. Red Eyes - The War On Drugs

I listen to this song and feel like I can do anything! It’s sounds so hopeful and inspiring, the kind of song you can put on in any mood and be taken to another world.

4. Walking On A Dream - Empire Of The Sun

The title explains it all. As soon as this comes on you can’t help but vibe out. Love how it has the same drum groove throughout the whole song, it kind of puts you in a trance - that teamed with the falsetto vocals is the perfect combination for a dream-like experience.

5. Sub Zero - Stephan Bailey

Stephans Bailey’s use of reverb on his vocals and instruments makes this song feel super airy & angelic. Can always count on this one to make me feel out of this world.

6. Anemone - slenderbodies

This song is an eclectic blend of natural and melodic noises layered to simulate the feeling of pure, oceanic bliss.

7. Mise En Scène - The Wheelers Of Oz

If I was floating through space ‘Mise en Scene’ would be the soundtrack! This instrumental has all the elements needed to create an the most epic, ethereal like tune.

8. Let It Go - Mr Ray

Another one with a real drive to it! Such a cruisy song to kick back to and let all the worries of the day go. The lyrics “You got to get out of the world that you live in, you got to get out of this world and let go” pretty much sum it up.

9. Coyote - Dope Lemon

This song is so simple but that’s what I love about it. It holds the same drum/guitar ideas all the way through and has a hypnotic-like effect. This one is perfect easy listening to zone out to!

10. Exist For Love - AURORA

Anything by Aurora carries a strong ethereal energy. Her voice literally sounds like an angel telling you everything is going to be ok. This song is all about existing for love and that to me is what feeling ‘Ethereal’ means.

Ethereal is out now!


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