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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Aneta Urbonaite

Continuing the indie-pop sounds we know and love them for, Aussie band Teenage Dads have made their return with their new track, Thank You for the Honey, Honey. On the song, the four-piece navigate the fear of being unfulfilled in life.

The release takes its inspiration from a classic ABBA hit: Honey, Honey. Lyrically melancholic, the band juxtapose the conceptual standpoint of the song with upbeat pop-rock sonic sounds with hints of shoegaze and dream-pop inspired motifs.

"It's about being left in the lurch by someone and the struggles of coping with that, and that while you're thankful for 'the honey', you fear the prospect of living an unfulfilling life," explains the bands vocalist, Jordan Finlay.

Forming in high school, the band honed in on their craft and developed the band into a completely DIY project. Band members Angus Christie, Vincent Kinna, Connor McLaughlin and Finlay have complete control over their creative outlet. The four-piece produce, mix and record all the tracks, with all their artworks and videos being produces by the band members themselves.

Teenage Dads are no strangers to putting on a show. Having toured with the likes of Lime Cordiale, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Northeast Party House and Ruby Fields, the band have become known for their energetic and immersive live performances.

Thank You for the Honey, Honey is out now! Listen to the track below.


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