Refract is out now!

Image: Amy McIntosh.

Sydney-based metalcore band Synge have made their debut with their single, Refract. To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 Emerging Artists with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, the band share: “Refract is centred around the progressive dichotomy of a person's hatred, from extrospective to introspective. 'Refract' is almost a form of dialogue between ourselves, 'I', and the world in which we are situated, 'you'. It is an existential and emotional piece, where the world around us generates a sense of futile anger so much so that we redirect that to ourselves. In exploring this journey, frustration prevails and a fragile yet tragic closure is reached.”

Without further adieu, here are Synge's Top 5 Emerging Coming Artists...


Great music by great people. What’s not to love? Introducing Sydney metal outfit Inertia. In our opinion, the Covid-19 pandemic robbed them of what was shaping up to be a massive year in 2020 after releasing their sophomore EP Connexion (Imagine having to cancel your EP launch tour TWICE). The group are showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re into a more heart-felt alt-rock jam like the track Reminisce or prefer something a little heavier like their banger The Disease (or their entire first EP), Inertia have got you covered. With new material in the works, Inertia is most certainly one to watch over the next little while.


Arguably one of our favourite bands around are Brisvegas’ very own Days Like These. We played with them on our second ever show, and since then we’ve watched as they’ve completely reinvented their sound and taken their local scene by storm. They have such a unique blend of sounds, which is evident in their standout alt-rock masterpiece Honey. There’s honestly something for every type of alternative music fan to enjoy. One for the playlist if you ask us.


We think it’s fair to say that Radelaide locals Heartline have been making waves over the last little while, spicing up our lockdown blues with their sophomore EP i call for the sinking warmth, which is certainly one of our top releases of the year. The visual campaign behind the EP was a nice touch, and something few bands have looked to implement in recent years. Not to mention, that breakdown in the title track is pure filth. This is the perfect example of a band who has a strong creative direction, and we’re very keen to see what they have coming up next.


Newcastle based melodic hardcore act Vilify have only been around since October 2020 but have not failed to leave their mark on the local scene in their short tenure as a band. That’s probably because the group consists of some talented musicians from the likes of The Beautiful Monument, Liberties, SETMEONFIRE and Cold Era. Curious? Well, we are happy to report that their debut EP Clarity is a certified banger, and something that we’ve been jamming over the course of the last year. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in such a short time, and we are super keen for what’s in store for the future.


Another band that’s been able to blow listeners away in such a short time is Ghost Complex. Emerging onto the scene in 2020 with their debut single Hypnosis, before unleashing their soul-crushingly heavy debut EP Dark Matter in early 2021, the group have amazed audiences (and their peers in the scene) with their mature and defined sound, and well-rehearsed live set. Seriously, these dudes absolutely kill it live every time. You’d be doing a disservice to yourself by missing out on them next time they’re in town.

Refract is out now!