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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


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Bristol-based alt-rock trio Superlove treated fans last week with the announcement of their new EP ...but for the moment and a brand new song, btw! i adore you. To celebrate the release, Superlove have given us their Top 5 Up & Coming Artists that you need to check out!

Bringing together influences of pop and heavy metal, the track is another shining moment from the band, building the anticipation for their forthcoming release. With over 400,000 streams to their name, the band have shared the stage with the likes of Roam, Dream State, Stand Atlantic & Vukovi.

Without further adieu, here are Superlove's Top 5 Up & Coming Artists...


We played a show with Hypophora on our first ever tour last year and instantly loved everything about their sound. They have some massive riffs and incredible vocals at the forefront, and it was even a bit concerning playing after them as they thoroughly nailed their high energy set. They put out a new single ‘Muted’ in August which we’ve been loving, which again showcases the cool writing and technical ability that they possess!


Just general Bristol legends, to be honest, we’ve known Phoxjaw personally for many years, and it’s been great seeing them progress with each release. These guys have a ridiculous live sound that we and many others are very excited to hear again, hopefully in the near future! Their debut album came out this summer, and it’s got some proper bangers on there in their unique style, so do yourself a favour and check that out.


As well as being another close mate, Harry (Harmer Jays) is just an all-round talented lad who puts out quality music to match. This comes across in the two singles ‘Freight Line’ and ‘Double Vision’ he put out this year that have a cool stripped-down vibe and some lush singing to match, so we recommend you get those in your earholes ASAP. You can also see his beautiful mug in our latest music video for ‘Untouchable’ if you want more of him!


Another shout to some Bristol boys, Mother Vulture has put out some huge tunes this year as well. Some of us went to Uni with them and as well as being genuinely lovely guys; they write some proper in your face rock bangers with huge instrumentals and amazing Sabbath-esque vocals. They also put on a mad energetic live show, which we’re hoping everyone can catch soon! Their latest single ‘Prudence’ features more foot stompers, so definitely get that listened to.


Lastly, big shouts to the boys in Lastelle, who continue to smash everything they do. Their catalogue includes expertly written post-hardcore tunes, with incredible clean vocals from their multi-talented drummer, and they’re just a bunch of sound lads to go with it! We’ve loved their newest song ‘Distant Bodies’, as well as new playthroughs on YouTube that are definitely worth a watch.

btw! i adore you is out now! Listen to the track below.


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