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Listen to the track below!

Image: Josh Carr-Hummerston.

Sydney-based trio STUMPS are back with their new single, Brinawa St.. Pivoting away from the groove-laden sonics established on their debut album, All Our Friends, the mid-tempo offering places frontman Kyle Fisher's compelling and soaring vocals atop mesmerising guitar work, atmospheric synths and a drum machine inspired beat.

“I believe when we first put down the chords we wanted this song to be as big as possible, but just as quickly as it began, it turned into something far more intimate than we expected. We have a penchant for being overly metaphorical in our lyricism but this song pulled us inward more than any other song we’ve written." Fisher shares.

“In essence, this song is about the nostalgia I have toward my family home on Brinawa St. It’s the street my Nan moved to so she could help my mum after my dad passed away; the street where I learned to run, cry, drink, dance and swim; the street where I met my best friend, the street where we first all became friends; the street where this band started.”

To celebrate the release, STUMPS will take to the stage with The Buoys, Eliza & The Delusionals and Teenage Joans for an epic co-headline show at Selina’s in Coogee on April 24. Tickets are on sale now!

Brinawa St. is out now!


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