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Never The Same is out now!

Image: Elizabeth Le.

Songwriter and producer Yoste has unveiled his latest EP, Never The Same. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY his studio essentials to create the best recording and artistic experience.

“This record is focused on growing up, but not in an entirely optimistic or carefree sense. It’s really about self-reflection and doubt as well as confidence and exuberance. I feel like the title - Never The Same - captures that feeling of change and perhaps loss, but also hints at something beyond.” the musician shares.


I keep an incredibly simple and streamlined setup, I find it easier to start that way. I find the more equipment I have, the more I struggle to simply begin. My advice to new artists is always to just start.


I have two guitars, one microphone, one keyboard.


The greatest tool I have when it comes to writing is to take long walks, sometimes with music, sometimes without. I’ve taken to heart the quote, “when the mind is stuck, work the body”, though I can’t seem to identify where I heard it or who wrote it. Walking works the body and the mind. It clears everything away with each step, and into that void might just rush something magical, if one if lucky.


Occasionally I’ll bring my recordings to close friends and colleagues with more complete studios, though it’s not necessary to make something great. In general I’m hesitant about collaborating on my own music, simply because it’s besides the point of what I’m trying to achieve, but there are notable exceptions for exceptional friends who understand the vision and are able to add their unique brilliance to certain songs.


Essentially there is very little required to make a good recording, artistic experience or song. The idea is the key, and when collaborating the relationship is as well. The rest can be made do with as much or as little as is available.

Never The Same is out now!

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