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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Therapy is out now!

Image: Ryan Faist

Canadian artist noelle recently unveiled her dreamy new single, Therapy. We caught up with the singer to chat about the release, what she has in store for the rest of the year and so much more!

Could you tell us a bit about your musical background and what led you to pursuing a career in music?

I grew up in a very musical family. My dad has a studio in our basement. I started recording YouTube covers when I was 8. Pursuing a career in music just felt so natural. My family has always been very supportive and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Congratulations on the release of your new single Therapy. Tell us a bit about the conceptual nature of the track and the inspiration behind it?

Therapy is very special to me. I think everyone needs someone to lean on, whether its traditional therapy or reaching out to a loved one. Therapy is about being there for someone no matter what, and being their person to lean on.

How important was it for you to document these themes on the track and share this story with the world?

It’s always been a subject that weighs heavily on my heart. Im very happy to have it out in the world and I hope it helps encourage people to reach out for help when they need it.

The release arrives alongside a stunning visual. Can you walk us through your process when it comes to conceptualizing the clip for Therapy and how involved are you with the development of the visuals?

We really wanted the visual to be emotional and raw, something that everyone can relate to. I worked with a wonderful team to accomplish this, and I am really happy with the way it turned out.

How important are the visuals to you when it comes to portraying the stories and themes present on the songs?

Visuals can portray something that you can’t express with words. I really just wanted to capture the emotion of someone going through a hard time and a loved one wanting to be there for them.

What’s one line from the song you find at times could be stuck in your head? Or a line that you come back to?

“Im on your side, through the dark nights, and the hard times”

If the Therapy was a piece of pre-existing visual art, which artwork would it be?

There isn’t a particular pre-existing visual art piece that comes to mind, but I picture two people hugging or a hand reaching out to another hand.

Could you walk us through your creative process when writing and recording your music?

Usually I start by playing some chords on my piano in my bedroom. I will often sing a melody along with the chords and then the lyrics usually come after that. It really depends though. There are no rules! Sometimes I’m inspired with a lyric or in a different way, and I just try to go with it.

How did you arrive at the style and genre of your music?

I have always loved emotional and raw songs. Even when I was very young, I would run in from playing outside, and record a super emotional, sad ballad. I have also always loved old jazz. When I was younger, I would always tell my mom that I should’ve been born back in the 50s so I could sing that style of music.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2021? Will we be seeing an album or EP, and if so what can listeners expect from it?

I have several singles coming out in 2021 and then my debut EP in early 2022. I hope these songs represent a full picture of the music that I love to make.

With everything that’s been happening in the world touring has changed, what are your 2021 live performance plans, what can fans expect from a live show, and is there a chance we’ll see you performing in Australia when you are able to do so?

Plans aren’t for sure yet, but I’m hoping to start live shows in the fall. Australia is definitely on my bucket list! I would absolutely love to perform there someday!


Biggest influences?

Ariana Grande, Adele, Nat King Cole, Sabrina Claudio, Bruno Mars

Dream collaboration?

Bruno Mars

Album that has had the most impact on you?

24k Magic by Bruno Mars and Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent by Lewis Capaldi

How do you define your musical style in 3 words?

Raw, emotional, and vintage

Best song of 2021 so far?

Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars or Stay by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber

If you could create the soundtrack for any film, which one would it be?


Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

Hannah Montana

A song you would love to cover on tour?

Creep by Radiohead

Album you would listen to on repeat on a road trip?

Freudian by Daniel Caesar

First concert you went to?

Emily Osment or Selena Gomez

First album you ever bought?

Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood

Would you rather be a Spice Girl or a Backstreet Boy?

Backstreet Boy

What’s your favourite back street?


Guilty music pleasure?

Old Jazz

If you could support any artist on tour, who would it be?

There are so many, its really hard to narrow it down to one. Lewis Capaldi or Bruno Mars are up there of course lol

An artist you think has had the most influence on the music industry.

Etta James

What advice would your current self, give your future self, for a year from now?

Keep working hard and making music you love no matter how “successful” you are or what anybody says.

The moment you knew you wanted to be a musician?

When I was a toddler and write my first song entitled “Balsamic Vinaigrette”.


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