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Broken Memories is out now!

Image: Jimmy Fontaine.

Rising pop singer-songwriter Jamie Miller has treated us with the release of his debut EP, Broken Memories. We caught up with the musician to chat about the release, touring with Jesse McCartney, the influence of TikTok and so much more!

Could you tell us a bit about your background in music and what led you to pursuing a career in music?

Ever since I was a kid, my family always played the best music on road trips. We would listen to the greats and I guess it just was instilled in my brain. I just knew music was my path. I’m from a small hometown and I knew if I didn’t create my own lane, I’d never be able to do it. I just always wanted to show the world no matter where you come from you’re able to live your dreams.

Congratulations on the release on your debut EP Broken Memories! How has working on the collection of songs influenced your creative process?

We started the creative process in August, and Broken Memories takes you through a story of when I fell in love with someone at the beginning of the EP and then eventually getting my heartbroken at the end of the EP. It was all inspired by true stories in my life and I hope when you guys get to listen to it, you feel something that you can connect to.

How did you arrive at the sonic realm the EP exists within?

Trying different stuff this past year since “Here’s Your Perfect” has been really fun for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself as an artist and it’s just been so exciting diving deep into different avenues.

Which unreleased song from the EP are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

It Is What It Is. It’s the ultimate breakup anthem and it’s a really different song from anything I’ve put out. So I’m really excited about this one! I think it might shock some people.

How did Broken Memories evolve throughout it's creation?

“For a long time I wasn’t sure what I had to write about, since I hadn’t really experienced life outside the streets I’d grown up on. But then once I allowed myself to learn more about the good and bad in life, to fall in love and get hurt and mess up a little, I felt like I finally had something to say. My EP is a story of going through hardships and beautiful moments and things I never would’ve expected. I wanted my songs to be an honest conversation with my fans, where I’m sharing all these different things I’ve learned about myself over these past few years.”

Is there a particular line or lyric from the EP you’re most proud of, or one that you return to more often than the rest?

“I hope that couple by the jukebox makes you smile / and has you thinking bout what it be like if I was with you now”. You just picture that moment in your head and I just think it’s so cute. Everyone wants that kind of love.

Your latest single, Last Call, captures these intimate moments within a relationship, laced with nostalgia. Talk us through the conceptual nature of the song and what inspired it….

I actually watched a rom com called Serendipity and went into the studio and just captured everything that was in that movie. Everybody wants to be someone’s first call when it’s last call at the bar, and I just thought it was a cool sweet concept.

The track arrives alongside an official visual, directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Sandler. How important are the visuals to you in terms of representing the songs themes?

I think the song and the visual go hand in hand. The visual is the moment that the song comes to life. So it’s always nerve wrecking being on set making sure everything goes smooth & perfect, but Andrew is one of the best film makers out there so I knew I was in good hands.

What were your most memorable moments on set and which scene from the clip stands out as a favourite for you?

I didn’t have a favorite scene - I think the whole thing was just amazing to be a part of. The most exciting thing for me was filming a music video in New York City; that’s always been a dream for me.

You’ve grown a massive audience on TikTok with your engaging videos, how important has the platform been for you as a tool to reach new audiences and how do you think platforms like TikTok can change the trajectory of an artists career?

My song Here’s Your Perfect blew up on Tiktok, it sky rocketed because of all the creates and it really did change my life. It’s so important to connect & engage with fans on there because you never know what’s going to be the moment that’s going to be the turning point.

You’ll be hitting the road soon, joining Jesse McCartney on his The New Stage tour. What can audiences expect from your live show?

They’re going to see a British guy singing his heart out for sure haha. I’m excited just to show the audience that I feel most at home whilst on stage. It’s also my first ever tour so I’m so excited.


Biggest influences?

Bruno Mars

Dream collaboration?

Bruno Mars

Album that has had the most impact on you?

Adele - 21

How do you define your musical style in 3 words?

Soulful, passionate, thrilling

Best song of 2021 so far?

When You’re Gone Shawn Mendes

If you could create the soundtrack for any film, which one would it be?

I would love to be involved in a Bond movie.

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

Ooooooooooooooo Hannah Montana

What was the first song you loved to sing?

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

A song you would love to cover on tour?

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Album you would listen to on repeat on a road trip?

Anything Adele honestly.

First concert you went to?

Pussycat Dolls haha.

Best concert you have been to?

Katy Perry

First album you ever bought?

Michael Jackson’s album.

Would you rather be a Spice Girl or a Backstreet Boy?

Backstreet Boy

Most memorable show you’ve ever performed?

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Guilty music pleasure?

Drops Of Jupiter – Train

If you could support any artist on tour, who would it be?

Bruno Mars !!!

An artist you think has had the most influence on the music industry.

Justin Bieber

What advice would your current self, give your future self, for a year from now?

It’s going to be ok, you’re going to be just fine.

The moment you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Ever since I first saw Michael Jackson perform on tv when I was a kid. I just knew I wanted to be like him.

Broken Memories is out now!


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