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Tales Of The Yeti is out now!

Image: Mark Francesca

Australian band South Summit have shared their new EP, Tales Of The Yeti. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY through the release track by track!

“For Tales Of The Yeti we wanted to keep building musically from what we had previously done before. experimenting with more styles and not being strict on what themes came out of the jamming process. This EP covers a few genres and shows what we’re capable of when playing music. We enjoy all types of different styles and love jamming whatever feels good, this EP is a good representation of that.” shares band member Nehemiah Reuben.

Josh Trindall adds, “The way we write and make our music always happens naturally, our latest EP Tales of the Yeti in particular was a special one. Every song has its own journey and process, whether it starts from a demo or a jam. Once we get the foundations of each song, we just jam our parts for a while until the song feels right and ready to take into the studio.”

South Summit will be hitting the road on a national tour in support of the release. Kicking off in Wollongong on November 2, the run of shows will continue on to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Byron Bay, before heading to New Zealand for performances in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. They'll then head back to Australia to wrap up the tour in Perth. Tickets are on sale now!


The meaning behind Track 1, I Feel It, is all about sharing the positive vibes and feeling unity within the music. We’d had a demo for this song for about a year and felt it was the right time to track it. It’s got the reggae vibe in there, so nothing better to talk about than spreading positive vibrations and how music takes over the body and soul. This one was quite a straight forward process to get down the roots of the song, then adding different layers and flavours really brought the track together.


Sidelines really came out of the blue. Fynn came in to the studio one day with that guitar riff and song pretty much wrote itself after that. Those kind of songs always have something special about them, as they come out of nothing. We wrote the lyrics about finding your way back home, and no matter where you go, you always hold your home close to you. We stripped our parts back for this one, sometimes playing what makes sense is good for the song. Once we got it back from Mixing we really enjoyed it, so to make it the featured track and final single from the EP just felt natural.


Another one that came up randomly between tracking some of the other songs. We liked the laid back lazy vibe of the guitar riff, so took that vibe to the whole song. Again it’s a pretty simple track with minimal parts and layers, which is a song we really tried to explore with this song. We thought just having this vibe of track in the EP gives a nice break from the other tracks, a good breath of fresh air for the listeners.


Tuned In, track 4, we’ve had for about a year in our demos. Started off with that bass and drum groove. We actually tried putting it in our live set for a couple gigs a few months before we recorded it, to get it ready for the studio. This one we tried to go expansive, spacial vibe with new crazy sounds. Experimenting with filters, vocal effects, we tried everything and anything we thought of, which in itself is pretty cool.


We had the verse section for this one for so long, and just couldn’t get solid other parts for ages. We workshopped it for a while before the studio and got the idea for the direction the night before we tracked it. It was the most raw and fresh track, but most of our favourites from the EP.


Fallen Friend, track 6 and the final of the EP, is like a journey. We wrote it as a track that can flow and have long instrumental sections, just felt right during the tracking process. Again this one has heaps of layers, a whole lot of production to make it the parts huge when it gets big. Another little underdog from the EP, that we really like.

Tales Of The Yeti is out now!


Thurs Nov 2nd La La La’s Wollongong, NSW

Fri Nov 3rd The Lansdowne Sydney, NSW

Sat Nov 4th Howler Melbourne, VIC

Fri, Nov 10th The Brightside Brisbane, QLD

Sat Nov 11th The Northern Byron Bay, NSW

Fri Nov 17th Whammy Bar Auckland, NZ

Sat Nov 18th The Loons Christchurch, NZ

Sun Nov 19th Meow Wellington, NZ

Fri Nov 24th The Rosemount Perth, WA


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