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Georgia is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Boorloo/Perth-based indie-rock band Sophian have dropped their new single, Georgia. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five up and coming artists they think everyone should be listening to.

"We are going behind a very beachy vibe. We want to inspire and spread happiness with this song. The song itself is about a sailor falling in love with a mermaid but finding it difficult to maintain the relationship given their differences. It's also a metaphor for what relationships in real life sometimes can be like. Things can be tough, but you can always work on turning them into something positive. We love the ocean and the beach. So, it was only natural for us to explore a song which would incorporate the ocean and also campfire vibes of bringing people together." the band share of the track.

Sophian will take to the stage at The Bird in Boorloo/Perth The Bird in Boorloo/Perth on Friday, May 5.

King Ibis is a four-piece indie-pop/rock band from Perth, WA. The band is comprised of vocalist Nadene Burchell, guitarist Matthew Oakley, bassist Samantha Goddard and drummer John McAndrea.

Listening to them for the very first time is like being guided through a spiraling whirlpool of sonic emotions. Not many bands can match King Ibis’ collective talent and ability to craft songs, combined with their effortless reliability to give 110% for all their performances.

If their latest single, ‘Never Been So Fine’ is any indication of this band’s potential, indie-rock and rejoice as Perth may have discovered yet another national treasure. Don’t be surprised when you see them sharing a falls festival stage with the like of Middle Kids, Jungle Giants and Methyl Ethyl.

These guys keep putting out banger after banger! We can’t stop listening to them and their music. They are new to the music scene as well but have already been making some big noise. The best thing about these guys is not only do their songs sound good when you listen to them at home, their live performances are next level. Ella’s voice along with her guitar playing skills will melt your heart warm. Their stage presence is fire, and we can't wait to see the heights these guys will hit!

If you love bands like Middle kids, and Ballpark Music, you need to add Little Guilt to your playlists. As they like to say, A Little Guilt goes a long way!

This young group of lads are also pretty new to the scene, but we can guarantee you, you would have heard their name if you live in WA. They are absolutely killing it around the coast. Adam, their front man, is not only an excellent singer but also shreds on the guitar. He will have you glued to them if you are watching them live. If you love good indie coastal music, you gotta keep these guys on your radar.

Having released a catchy single already, they promise to bring you plenty more music and big shows in 2023!

Alannah Chapman is not only an extremely talented saxophonist, but she’s also an amazing vocalist with a flair for arranging. Ms. Chapman is so well versed in music and her own music cannot be described in one word. Her music includes R&B infused Soul with hints of Jazz that soothe the toughest of atmospheres. From easy listening that showcases her and her bands mastery of their instruments. Having already released multiple singles and live versions on Spotify, she is currently working hard on the influencer side of being a music artist.

Being the smart lady she is, Ms. Chapman started to curate a following on social media. Shooting videos and scheduling photoshoots to advertise her new tunes such as Button-Up Shirt. Her content appeals to the queer community with lighthearted videos and captions that can be found on Instagram and TikTok. Chapman recently joined forces with her instrumental savant producer Calvin Bennet to create an amazing low-fi jam that's reached over 400,000 plays on Spotify!

Hey So Hungry is a band that is filled with energy and hunger for music. These four 15-year-olds have been playing around Perth and have built a solid reputation. Their raw energy and sound is intoxicating and fun, both in their recordings and on stage. They have built an audience not only amongst their peers, but also the rest of the Perth music scene.

Being underage for most venues has not stopped this band from playing with big acts. Their music has been noticed by many bands around WA leading them to support bands such as South Summit & Dice along with even big-name national acts. ‘House Party’ and ‘Lost Contacts’ their latest two singles and have amassed almost 15,000 streams! With an EP on the way, this is a band that you don't want to miss out on.

Georgia is out now!


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