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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Face2Face is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Australian trio SOAP have shared their new single, Face2Face. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY their top five musical influences.

“This song is the first time we will release something that sounds like us at present. This isn’t aged, wasn’t written years ago, this one is special.” Tom Megalos says of their latest offering,

“We have really found ourselves as a band, being a little bit older has shown us to be patient with our music and really dial in a sound we are excited to deliver, this one is epic” Lead guitarist Matt Norrish shares. Drummer Tyler Hocking adds, “Having a team like this was the first glimpse of our sound being a reality. Having exceptional producers hone our craft and bring out the best in us as musicians was a an eye opening experience”


Starting the band in high school, IDLES were one of the first artists that we all collectively loved and would gush over together during rehearsals. I vividly remember the day colossus came out, and I showed everyone at school. We were amazed at how cinematic it sounded for a five piece band. Probably a little disappointed too that we couldn’t get those sounds out of our trashy amps. Today, I still admire Joe Talbot’s knack for sneaking in beautiful pop hooks into a very abrasive soundscape.


Whenever people comment on our duel guitar melodies that are performed in many of our songs. Names like The Strokes and Bloc Party are often thrown around, but this influence was more likely to be Interpol. I’ve always found their instrumentation to perfectly capture a certain mood that sits between angular and melancholy. Just beautiful.


While Alive 2007 is probably still our favourite live album ever. We most likely would have never written our most recent release, Face2Face, weren’t it for Daft Punk. During a rehearsal in early 2021 our guitarist Matt was attempting to play the bassline to harder, better, faster, stronger on guitar, and failing. What came out instead was this bouncing and repetitive riff that caught my ear. I sneakily recorded him playing, and later that night wrote the bed for Face2Face. So, thanks Daft Punk.


I guess this is standard practice for any band post 2000 who plays guitars. But I can’t deny their influence on how we treat parts, rhythm and textures in songs. Their use of electronic instruments in organic settings was a huge game changer once we started implementing more synthesized textures into our sound. In Rainbows is still the perfect rainy day album!


For a solid six months early in our time as a band, we were all obsessed with the album like clockwork. It contains so much beautiful songwriting and off kilter production. Since seeing them live in 2017, I still don’t think I’ve witnessed a tighter group.

Face2Face is out now!


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