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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual for Stranger Days below.

Image: David Herington

Aussie favourites Skegss have treated us with two new tracks, Stranger Days and December. The double single offers up two sides of the band, with the anthemic Stranger Days all about riding out the rougher times in life and striving to do better, whilst December serves as an ode to Australia's warm summer days and the nostalgia of the holiday season.

"I think I wrote it a while ago, being in a mood where it's epic to try and ride out your ambitions and try and always look back when you kook it at life, and say I will try to be better, be a better friend, better partner, get better at getting better,” vocalist Ben Reed says of Stranger Days. “Life is a changing, strange constant. But the more the days go on you get over things, so it's about riding those feelings out when you get weirded out by the world." The track arrives alongside an official visual, which follows Reed as he prepares to run a marathon, with support along the way from his fellow bandmates.

"December just happened naturally, the chord progression just rang a bit in the theme of Christmas and I must have been thinking about just how much fun it is over summer in my hometown,” Reed adds. “Having beers down at the local pub on Chrissy Eve and just seeing the crew you grew up with. It's epic the years when everyone is in town for it, it's not even Christmas Day, it's just the whole summer period. And I reckon so many times my New Year’s resolution is to get healthy and probably give the booze a spell, but I go one day, it gets hell hot and I end up with a beer in my hand before I know it. So yeah, all talk every time. Almost part of the tradition."

Earlier this year, the band unveiled their highly anticipated sophomore record, Rehearsal. Recorded at The Grove Studios with Grammy-award winning producer Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice, The Wombats), the thirteen track record documents love, friendship and youthful musings, bringing the trios particular brand of DIY garage-rock to the collection of songs. The release expands on the ideas and sonics presented on their debut, curating a carefully considered body of work that showcases the bands ever growing musicianship

Stranger Days is out now!


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