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Rock ’n’ roll was well and truly alive in Sydney last night, when GRAMMY nominated Italian rockers Måneskin took control of a sold-out crowd at the Hordern Pavilion. Having achieved the sold-out status for their debut Australian tour in just minutes, the four-piece have made their long-awaited Australian debut - putting on a spectacle that was worth the wait.

As the lights dimmed and guitarist Thomas Raggi stepped on stage playing the riff of DON’T WANNA SLEEP, the crowd erupted in screams which only heightened as he was joined by drummer Ethan Torchio, bassist Victoria de Angelis and frontman Damiano David. The energy surging throughout the room was palpable as they opened the show with fan favourites GOSSIP and their Eurovision Song Contest winning track, ZITTI E BUONI. It was clear from the outset that Måneskin are rock stars, and one of the world’s finest contemporary bands.

Their on-stage energy never faltered, darting across stage throughout songs like SUPERMODEL, FOR YOUR LOVE AND GASOLINE, mesmerising their devoted audience with their musical prowess and infamous hip-thrusting. It was truly an incredible sight to see the four young musicians feed off not only each others energy, but also the crowds, to create an engaging live experience that purely revolved around the music. The sets production perfectly complimented each song, executed by an outstanding lighting plan. Strobing lights bled out into the arena during DON’T WANNA SLEEP, HONEY (ARE YOU COMING?), OFF MY FACE, whilst songs such as KOOL KIDS, GOSSIP and FOR YOUR LOVE utilised aureate and blue tones to flood the stage and shroud the audience in a simmering glow. The band highlighted songs from their latest release, RUSH (ARE YOU COMING?), also marking the second ever performance of their song, VALENTINE, leaving the audience entranced.

David’s inimitable vocals sounded on par, if not better, than the bands recordings. The power within his raspy tones boomed throughout the venue, particularly shining in FOR YOUR LOVE, Beggin’ and THE LONELIEST. He sauntered across the stage, luring the crowd in with every word and every movement, channeling his iconic rock vocalist predecessors like Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger. Raggi and de Angelis oozed with a cool confidence that could rival even the best of the best, and both delivered rapturous lines that hit even harder due to their magnetic stage presence. With an almost call and response riff off between the guitar and bass causing audience members to go wild with the energy. The set was fuelled by Torchio’s driving drum work, which was truly a sight to experience. Never missing a beat, his thunderous performance was the cherry on top of a unified performance, made all the more fun by his epic hair flips. It’s worth noting that on their recordings, the band record live takes which captures the quality of sound they present on stage and gives listeners an authentic representation of their musicianship. However, you couldn’t be prepared for just how incredible Måneskin are as a live act. The raw and electric energy exhibited on stage pulsated through the audience, to create a thrilling and unforgettable experience that had everyone singing and dancing along all night.

Throughout their set, it became abundantly clear that Måneskin have mastered the art of interacting with their audience. Speaking with them throughout and interacting with the sold-out crowd provided a moment of connection beyond the music with the over five thousand fans in attendance. David would make cheeky jokes and share anecdotes, often diving into the front rows of the mosh pit. Songs such as GASOLINE, BLA BLA BLA, and KOOL KIDS provided standout sing-a-long moments, with the band inviting fans on stage during the latter song. David, Raggi and Torchio made their way through the crowd to perform an acoustic set on a B-stage towards the back of the venue, ensuring each member of the audience got to see them up close. The band also paid homage to their Italian roots, performing a number of songs in their native tongue including IN NOME DEL PADRE and ZITTI E BUONI, and even performed a tribute to Australia by covering Jet’s seminal hit, Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Only a week earlier, Jet were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame and performed the track at that very venue, inciting a real appreciation for the reach of our own rock artists.

Ending the show with their mega-hit, I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE, Måneskin left the stage having satisfied their loyal fanbase beyond expectations. They delivered a superb rock show that defies the expectations of live music within a contemporary landscape. Relying solely on their talent and musicianship, David, de Angelis, Raggi and Torchio have cemented their place as one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll acts of their generation.

RUSH (ARE YOU COMING?) is out now!


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