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Darts in the Dark is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Pop-country artist Rachael Fahim recently dropped her new single, Darts in the Dark. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY her top five up and coming artists that she thinks you should be listening to!

“When we wrote this song, I was talking about how I often feel stuck while everyone around me seems to be moving forward, life can be a rollercoaster, but you just have to sit back, enjoy the ride and just focus on your own path,” says Fahim. “Rosi had this amazing title, and the song just flowed; we literally had a finished production six hours later!”


I found Blake Rose on Instagram a few years ago; you know those moments where you find an artist, and you watch them grow and get so popular, then you’re like, “I followed/listened/whatever-ed to them before they were famous!” That’s this guy. I bet you my last oyster! (That’s a big deal for anyone who knows me, controversial - I know). The tones in his voice, his look, his melodies and lyrics, his falsetto. He is the whole package, and I’m telling you to get on the Blake-train right now! Do it!


The first time I listened to MacKenzie was when I heard her song Seeing Other People. Ever since then, I’ve jumped along for the ride. MacKenzie is a Canadian artist who moved to Nashville and started from the bottom again. I really respect her as an artist because she had a great thing going on in Canada and decided to follow her dream of moving to a music city, which wouldn’t have been easy at all! I think she is a super talented girl, and I’m excited to watch her journey! I’d love to do what she’s done, so props to her!


Just because I’m a pop-country artist doesn’t mean I can’t like other genres - for some reason, it’s always a shock when I say I like anything that’s not country, so surprise! So here is a non-country artist for you! I’ve been to a few festivals where I have seen CXLOE playing live, and her songs are so fun. She has great energy, and I would definitely buy a ticket to her live show. Her airy, crisp sound and heavy instrumentation make me wanna fist pump and head bang. Such a vibe! Listen to Low Blow first if you want to introduce yourself to CXLOE’s songs. You go, girl!!

2. MAY-A

I met this sweet gal on a night out before lockdown, and she was so lovely! We swapped socials, and I didn’t realise what a gun she was until I listened to her stuff the next day! MAY-A has been working really closely with one of the producers that works in the same studio as I do, and it also happens to be the same producer that worked on my latest single, Darts in the Dark. MAY-A is smashing some serious goals overseas, and it’s incredible watching her grow. Her songs are witty and open. I love the husk and vulnerability you can hear in her voice. Killer melodies too! Do yourself a huge favour and check her out!


This girl has some serious edge about her, and her whole image just feels so cool. She has a hint of ‘old soul’ to her, and I vibe it. Her songs are super relatable, and she just has a way of writing these incredible songs that feel like she’s telling your story; that’s how I feel anyway! If you’re looking for an intro to her music, She’s Mine is the song that got me. Hook, line and sinker.

Darts in the Dark is out now!


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