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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the music video now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Earlier this week, Tia Tamora made her debut with her single, Picnic. If you're loving the track and hanging for the visual, we've got a treat for you because you can watch the clip right here, exclusively on MILKY!

The stunning visual takes on the visual Australian gothic themes of Joan Lindsay's classic novel, Picnic At Hanging Rock, situating the singer within a vast Australian landscape, donning the novels signature white summer dress. Shot on 16mm film, we follow the singer and her friends as they wanders through the natural terrain, disappearing never to be seen again. Through layering and choppy edits, the visual captures the disorienting feeling of being lost in the woods, with dreamlike sensibilities which makes the three women mirage like.

Speaking of the visual, the singer shares with MILKY: "We shot this all on 16mm film at an abandoned chapel we found in the bush one day. It felt like a perfect stage to present the Australian Gothic themes of this song. The chapel was remote and felt both dislocated from its environment but also embedded in its dry haunting landscape. Inspired by the Victorian novel Picnic At Hanging Rock, and its references to Poe's 'Dream Within A Dream', I wanted the clip to play on ideas of time and being out of time in the outback - disorientating, unsettling, supernatural and dreamlike."

Watch the visual for Picnic below


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