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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Michelle Pitiris.

Singer-songwriter Tori Forsyth is set to unveil another taste of her forthcoming sophomore record, Provlépseis, with her new single, Nothing At All. If you’re like us and can’t wait, listen to the track right here on MILKY before its release!

The fifth release from the album, Nothing At All showcases a more pulled back side of the musician, accompanied by piano. Forsyth's mesmerising vocals soar above simple rhythmic guitar lines paired with occasional moments of stirring strings and understated percussion.

Having written and recorded Provlépseis prior to the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world to a halt, Forsyth shares: “It’s interesting to interpret the lyrics with the benefit of hindsight; where I might not have really known what a few songs meant at the time, I definitely do now… I’m a pretty spiritual person, but I think that just goes to show how important it is to listen to your intuition.”

Taking influence from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Nirvana, The Cranberries, The Pretty Reckless and Miley Cyrus, Provlépseis sees the singer explore a more focused avenue of sound, embracing guitar-driven rock elements across the thirteen new songs.

Listen to Nothing At All below!


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