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Listen to the EP now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Matt Im.

Producer, songwriter and vocalist Jim Alxndr is gearing up to share his new EP, Feels Worth Living For. If you're like us and can’t wait to give it a spin, listen to the release right here on MILKY!

"Feelings Worth Living For started as an inquisition - what happens if I just let go and make whatever I’m hearing? It ended up becoming a journey for me to work through my confidence as both a musician and a human; a massive lesson in life and music. This record felt a bit like high school for me - a constantly evolving experience that’s full of challenges that you emerge as a different person at the end of.” the musician shares.

Opening with Sticks and Stones, Alxndr sets the tone for the textural and dynamic sonic journey that is to follow whilst exploring the pressure and anxiety of expectations. The maximalist production on the EP's opener is instantly contrasted by dulcet guitar melodies on Bahamas, which explores inner-growth and happiness that is not reliant on the opinions of others. We're then met with minimalist production on Leaving You Behind, which finds Alxndr moving on from a toxic relationship for the sake of his own mental health.

By this point, it's clear the musician has a knack for conversational and intimate lyricism, brought to life by engaging melodies and his luring performance. The mesmerising harmonies on Live in Pretend draw comparison to Imogen Heap and Bon Iver, with Alxndr's vocals floating above atmospheric production. The earlier synth-pop influences return on I'll be There For You, before we're brought back to a quieter place on the EP's closing track, The Light.

“The songs on Feelings Worth Living For all feel like big, understanding hugs to me. Like the best friend you call at 2am crying cause you know they’re gonna pick up and you know they’re gonna accept you no matter what you’re going through. Or the picture of your partner on your phone lock screen that you look at and can’t help but smile at. The songs seem to listen to my thoughts and give me back an understanding of our current existence - hence the name of the EP.”

Listen to Feels Worth Living For below!


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