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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The Ice That Breaks is out on January 14!

Image: Ashley Osborn

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, Portair has unveiled the final single from his forthcoming EP, The Ice That Breaks. His new single, Alaska, continues the artists exploration of acoustic ambient sounds.

Conceptually, the track is an ode to natural terrain and the musicians longing to escape every day life and immerse himself within the worlds environment. The musicians delicate vocal performance plays out above a guitar-led soundscape, with vivid storytelling laced throughout.

“The opening lyric is ‘I’ve never seen an Alaskan sky, I want to see it before I die’. This song is written about my desire to be with nature, to be disconnected from the insane distractions and terrible habits of the modern world, and to be connected to the real world, which is nature. It’s about pursuing your dreams and truly living a life that is fulfilling. Sometimes we need to get away from the city and deal with our trauma in a way that comes naturally. It’s about living the best life you can, before you die.” the musician shares of the release.

Having shared a string of singles over the past two years, the multi-instrumentalist has written songs and scores for the likes of Netflix, NBC, MTV, CBS. Earlier this year, Portair released his debut EP, The Light That Gives, featuring the single I Didn't Love You, which premiered on MILKY.

Alaska is out now!


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