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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Crowd Pleaser is out now!

Image: Frances Carter.

New Zealand duo Foley have released their debut album, Crowd Pleaser. To celebrate the release, the duo are breaking down the styling for their visuals across body of work.

“Crowd Pleaser is such a mixed bag of emotions and experiences - which is exactly what your 20s feel like. One day it's up, the next it's right down, so this album really honestly tracks that emotional lollipop for us." the duo share of the record.

"There is no better feeling than hearing a song and realizing someone else is going through exactly what you are. To feel seen and part of something in that way is unmatched - so our hope is that our audience feels that type of connection in this album. That's the power of music!”


This video was the first one back after a long hiatus, so we really wanted the styling to feel like a significant shift from our young and fun energy, to a more sophisticated and elevated look- it was also the first time I felt like I was confident enough to be more risky and sexy in the styling, so with the help of our amazing stylist Orion Scott we came up with this look pairing an oversized blazer with this leotard underneath. The shoes were these crazy Prada heels with flames on the sides, which were super ‘hot wheels’ vibes! Gabes outfit was also pushing into a more feminine aesthetic with the dope collar on the puffer jacket - together the looks just worked and felt right.


After ‘Killing Me Babe’, it felt like we needed to edge up the looks a little - I found this leather jacket online and bought it straight away, initially for performing on stage, but then the ‘Smooth’ video came up and we felt like it suited it well. We were shooting against this slightly green fabric so the colour just popped so nicely! The detail that our stylist Estelle Schuyler put in was gorgeous - the beads, the socks, the earrings, everything was gorgeous and on screen the movement just adds so much to the visualiser.


This is one of my absolute favourite styling moments in the album! This video is hugely active and hectic because we were racing around the whole time behind a truck, leaning out the back of it, dancing, it was a big vibe.

We leaned into that almost gymnastics type feel with my body suit - Orion owned this bodysuit and I actually ended up wearing it backwards so the cut out would be in the front! I grabbed these chequered tights from Farmers and they honestly ripped within 4 minutes on set haha but we made it work! I loved the layering of Gabe’s tops, especially with the added collar detail in the ribbon. We really played with layering on Gabe this whole campaign, because he has always moved so well on camera, and the layers just look so epic with those shifts. The pattern is also so so so dope and it looked really powerful to both be wearing busy patterns - just such a fan of this look overall.


Gabes look in this visualiser is next level - The NomD mesh dress, layered with the black Delusional Dreamland top - it’s top tier. We were working with heaps of reflections in this video, because the concept for the video was illusion, so our amazing director built a mirror maze for us! The colour in his dress was so effective once it was multiplied many times, and it gave the whole video so much energy with the colour washing around. The key to my fit was the pink balaclava to match Gabe, and Estelle also made me some awesome detailing with the star belt and cross body jewellery. She’s just so clever, the care she takes with those kinds of additions to make the look unique to us are just above and beyond - we’re so lucky!


This last video was made in collaboration with JPalm who is an incredible wāhine designer from New Zealand. We have been fans of her work for a long time, and when we decided to work with a designer for the whole video she was first to come to mind.

We both wore completely tie dye outfits designed by her, and they just felt like the perfect addition to the chaotic energy of the video. Gabe’s head scarf was a super cool addition made by Estelle, and I went for a super bright orange eye look to match the colour in mine. I loved that this video felt really street and effortless- it's awesome to come to the end of this album and feel super ingrained in our aesthetic as a band. I have felt so confident in all of the outfits we have worn - so we are indebted to our wonderful stylists Estelle and Orion for bringing this campaign together.

Crowd Pleaser is out now!


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