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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Silverline is out now!

Image: Luke Dunning - Umbrella Creative.

Brisbane four-piece Beddy Rays have dropped their new single, Silverline. To celebrate the release, the band are taking us along for the ride of their UK and European tour with an exclusive photo diary.

“To us, the song really captures that classic Brit Rock/UK inspiration from our time over there and working with UK producer Tarek Musa” the band explain.  “We really wanted to emulate the same formula used in videos like Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet) and Karma Seeker (Vant) and thought this would be a great way to do it.”

This was the first night we spent in the RV we hired whilst on tour overseas!. We had no idea what we were in for, but we sure as hell were keen to rip into it. Many nights were spent like this, sitting in the RV parked in some random sketchy spot, cooking dinner, writing music, sinking beers and trying to stay warm. We made a pact that no one was allowed to shit in the RV toilet or else it would be open season for everyone to shit in it and the first person to break the pact was the one who had to clean it out. Suffice to say, no one crapped in it the whole time!

Once we finally got rid of the RV, we thought we’d treat ourselves to some actual accommodation with running water, a flushing toilet and heat. We stopped by a little music shop in the UK and picked up a cheap nylon string guitar to write songs on and play the occasional little ditty. We actually wrote the finishing touches to ‘Silverline’ on this bad boy!

The first day in the studio with producer Tarek Musa in Liverpool, nutting out some of the bones of the song. We absolutely loved it here! Tarek’s passion for producing and his attention to detail was something we were so stoked about during our time in the studio with him. In this photo, we were laying down scratch/guide tracks for Benny to play along to whilst tracking drums. Being in a completely new environment, in a completely different country with an extra set of ears and eyes that belong to an experienced producer was such sick experience and something we’ll yarn about for years to come.

We felt super lucky to be in such an awesome space with such incredible high end equipment. There was gear porn for days in this joint. If we weren’t laying down a track, we’d be scurrying around with our jaws on the ground looking at all the incredible guitars, amps and any other gear we could spot. This place was Disneyland for music nerds! 

The duality of Bradley Bassman Pt. 1

As you can see, he’s all bright eyed and bushy tailed in this photo, but don’t let that fool you! This man is more sleepy than Jeff the purple wiggle!

The duality of Bradley Bassman Pt. 2

I tell ya what, it wouldn’t be a day in the studio without Brad having one of his infamous naps. Lewy is making sure that everyone keeps quiet for our precious Bassman!

Smoko time! It’s important to keep well fed whilst recording so as to keep the creative juices flowing. When you’re in a foreign country, it’s important to seek local knowledge when sussing out food options and it just so happened that Tarek, our producer, is a mad foodie and his recommendations were absolutely off the charts! This delicious looking specimen was a Detroit style pizza and it was unanimously amongst the crew, one of the best things we ate on tour.

When it comes to recording techniques, the world is your oyster! We decided to go all Jack Black in school of rock and record a shitty sounding guitar for one of the parts in the song and this little guy was the man for the job. Here he is, mic’d up and ready to roll. Old mate could literally fit in your pocket!

Lewy lookin chuffed as all hell in his boardies and QLD maroons cap! Wielding his blue jazzmaster ready to lay down some bullshit tasty lead on ‘Silverline’

Thumbs up!

Benny bashin’ the heck out of the tubs and you know he’s got that stank face absolutely blaring! We loved how each piece of the kit is different and has been plucked from its rightful kit and made into this absolutely delicious sounding custom set.

Jacko laying down some words to finish off the song. Or maybe he was blowing raspberries and making fart noises, you’ll have to listen to the song to find out!

After we had finished up in the studio, Tarek invited us around to his house for breakfast the next morning. Us Beddy boys love our food so we couldn’t say no to that! This was right before we hopped on a plane and headed back to Aus. It was such a wholesome way to end our first overseas tour and we were so grateful!

Silverline is out now!


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