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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Shovel is out now!

Image: Madeline Randall.

Australian artist merci, mercy has unveiled her new single, Shovel. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot for the track and we're bringing you along!

Written with Matthew Murphy from The Wombats and trusted collaborator Chris Collins (Middle Kids, Gretta Ray), the singer shares: “Working with Murph and Chris was like some kind of magic. I love the song we made so much and I’m so excited that the whole world gets to hear it. In summary it’s about my partner and how much it frustrates me that he is so wonderful to me when I’m such a mess of a human being."

Murphy adds, “On a sunny day in Melbourne I had the pleasure of meeting Merci/Merceedes for the first time. I remember it being fairly awkward at the start, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a song. It’s one of those were we felt like passive viewers and that it was writing itself. I love songs that happen like that, it usually means they’re really good.”

Images: Supplied.

Shovel is out now!


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