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MY DEMONS is out now!

Image: Will Norbury

GRAMMY-nominated musician and multi-instrumentalist Michael Shuman (Queens Of The Stone Age) has unveiled his new musical project GLU with the arrival of his debut EP, MY DEMONS. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot of the EP's title track and we're bringing you along!

"I had this idea to mirror the lyrics in MY DEMONS visually, but also keep it somewhat comedic. I think me singing the first verse with a ball gag in my mouth sets the tone. As we were shooting it and experimenting, the idea of heaven, hell, and purgatory poked its head out and became part of the story. It was just four of us on set, which made the experience very intimate, which I prefer. Also, just working on no budget made us have restrictions, which I also think can be very helpful when creating. We choreographed the opening scene so that we could do it in one shot and one take. Laughs were had through the multiple shots to the face and body."

Images: Supplied.

MY DEMONS is out now!


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