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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with SALTY below!

Sydney-based act Salty has unveiled her new single, See U In 3. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking us behind-the-scenes of the songs music video.

See U in 3 is a song I have been sitting on for a while... I never felt quite ready to have it out in the world but it's all fallen into place sooooo perfectly. This song captures an essence of my artistry that I feel like is only just beginning to come to fruition," the singer shares. “Going into the visual element for this song I knew I wanted to dance. I trained at Brent Street for 8 years and I really cherished my time there, and since, I've been craving that sense of community.”

Salty will hit the stage at The Trocadero in Sydney this Saturday July 13, for an exclusive launch show. Tickets are on sale now, with special guests Lee Sugar and DJ Farnozz set to support the singer.

I had a very vivid dream about this one shot in the video that focused on my butt, and I knew I needed Salty shorts to bring it to life. These were custom made by local Sydney designer @starb0und_ and we went back and forth on ideas. She really understood the assignment.

Going into releasing music again, I knew I wanted to work with my friends. I am surrounded by so many insanely talented people and it was so rewarding working with people I know really believe in me. Having my best friend Bianca Georgievska direct this video made my heart feel so warm. Everything about this shoot felt perfect.

This was the moment that we WRAPPED! What a feeling. Hours of dancing, reshooting the same section over and over, bruised knees from body slamming into the ground lol. We were very excited about what we created.

This photo is giving very much centre stage, dance academy WHICH is what we were channeling. This photo deserves to be on the front cover of a Vogue magazine in my personal opinion.

First coffee of the day for me and I was a pain in the makeup chair tbh. Already over excited about the shoot day mixing that with coffee just

was an overload of energy for 7am.

Shannon my queen always on the look out for a stray hair or makeup blemish. She made sure I was perfect all day, I love her.

This is Arabella Meleo, Tiggy Treloar, Isabella Roberts and Marie Ikonomu - all incredible people and dancers. Cuties.

I am very lucky to have grown up in the dance community and to be mentored by incredible people like Cassie Bartho who I was lucky enough to have on board for this video. Her choreography was the final piece to bring this song to life. It also wouldn't be what it is without the talented dancers, they make it so special and I am grateful to have them by my side. This is my favourite video to date, for sure.

See U In 3 is out now!


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