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FUCK IT UP! is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based, indie-pop artist Chris Lanzon has returned with his new single, FUCK IT UP!. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY along to Los Angeles to spend the day together!

"I wrote FUCK IT UP! as an affirmation to embrace surrender and commitment. It’s a mantra for giving your all. Pursuing a career in music is often a rocky road and you never really know what the future holds. I’ve written a lot of songs about my self-doubt and hesitation, but this is the opposite of that. It’s about letting go of bad habits and thought patterns, and going all in for what you care about - no matter the outcome." Lanzon shares of the track.

I flew in to LA from Sydney in early October. I was heading there to catch up with friends and write some songs, but I started off my journey down in Orange County visiting some family who live there. It’s beautiful down there, and a lot slower paced than the craziness of LA. It felt a lot like home, really. I hung out with my cousins and explored the area for a few days. Pictured here is the San Juan Creek. You can see the big mountains in the distance too. It’s such a cool landscape in California - it’s like beachy vibes, but in a desert environment. Also, every sunset in California just looks insanely pretty. I’ve been trying to rationalise why this is… I have some theories, but does anyone actually know for sure? I’d love to know if there’s an answer haha.

This is *supposed* to be a photo of In-N-Out but my camera isn’t well equipped for night time haha. My cousins took me to try this iconic burger joint for the first time, and honestly, I was surprised how good it was! Considering most American fast food doesn’t get a good wrap, this kinda slapped. Also people say the In-N-Out fries are awful, but I’m telling you, the ‘Animal Style Fries’ are the way to go. They were pretty good. Kinda gross thinking about it now, but in the moment… pretty damn good!

Made it to LA. Palm trees and endless opportunities. I’m stoked to be here.

Staying in Echo Park, I went for a walk to explore the area on my first day. Shockingly it was raining, a rarity for ‘Sunny California’. I watched people ride the swan boats on the lake, made friends with some turtles, admired the non-stop traffic on the massive freeways, and visited the iconic Elliott Smith Figure 8 wall, which was epic.

This is Nate, and his dog Puffy. He’s one of my best friends in LA, and I love working with him. We met back in 2019 and wrote a bunch of songs over zoom throughout the pandemic, including New York, Falling Apart & FUCK IT UP! and my personal favourite Dark Side which will be out soon... We hung out for a few days and started some new ideas. Oh, and he framed his copy of my vinyl! Super cool seeing it in good company next to Halsey, U2 and other gold records he’s been part of. Maybe one day we can have a gold record together…

Sunset in Venice. A crazy but beautiful part of town. Some wild people. I watched the skaters as the sun went down. And the Malibu coastline in the distance looked insane. This was just before FUCK IT UP! came out. It’s a song about ambition and going after what you believe in, so it was a nice moment reflecting on what the song means to me, while being on the other side of the world, and chasing my dreams - living the feeling that I wrote the song about.

FUCK IT UP! is out now!


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