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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Nuum below!

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Nuum has treated us with the release of his debut mixtape, Heart Tape. We caught up with the musician a year on from our first interview to chat about the release, his evolution and so much more.

Across the mixtape, Nuum brings an unbridled sincerity to the collection of songs serves as a documentation of all the emotions that arise whilst falling in love through a contemporary viewfinder. Conversational and introspective lyricism unfurls above textural and dynamic soundscapes, vividly brought to life by the musicians compelling vocals. On the mixtape, Nuum delves deeper into his alt-pop-meets-dance established sound, whilst introducing new sonic threads to expand and experiment with his artistry.

The soul of Heart Tape is an artist finding creative growth and pushing the boundaries of their art. Nuum continues to hit the mark as he finds solid ground within his artistry and songwriting, whilst also refining his skills as a producer. There's an organic growth present within the mixtape, fuelled by an uninhibited confidence that pours out into the musicians live show. Full of energy, when Nuum hits the stage a seasoned live act erupts. His stage presence and engagement with his audience is charged by his ability to create great alt-pop music, placing himself as one of Australia's most exciting emerging acts.

Having studied classical piano as a child, the Perth-born, Melbourne-based artist was drawn to heavy electronic music and film soundtracks during his teens. This pivot in sound resulted in the purchase of a midi keyboard, setting Nuum on a path towards the music we hear today. Making his debut in 2021 with his EP, Spider Lily, the musician followed it up with the release of his sophomore EP, nu world, featuring the single Peter Pan. Having taken to the stage in Australia and Japan, Nuum most recently performed at the inaugural South by Southwest (SXSW) Sydney.

Watch our interview with Nuum above!

Heart Tape is out now!


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