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Image: Supplied.

After going viral with his infectious global smash, Track Star, American musician Mooski has dropped the visual for the track, starring fellow rising star Coi Leray and a cameo from Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Nija.

Set in the club, the visual tells the tale of love at first sight, with Mooski spotting Leray on the dancefloor. As the visual plays out their love story, we soon discover “She gon' run away when it gets hard.” Upon her return, she learns Mooski has moved on as we're left with a hint that history may repeat itself.

The vulnerable track has connected with audiences worldwide, having also gone viral as a TikTok challenge has inspired videos from Keyshia Cole, Lala Anthony, Dream Doll, and Halle Berry. “I talk about the unspoken,” Mooski says. “When people listen to my music they’re going to be like, ‘Mooski was in my head.’ It’s going to be personal to them.”

After serving a four-year tenure in the Marine Corps and reaching the rank of sergeant, Mooski left the service to pursue his true passion. He began releasing freestyle videos on social media and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction his songs got, particularly when he told his own stories. Track Star is the culmination of this experience, the rare track that offers introspective analysis and becomes a universal smash at the same time.

Track Star is out now! Watch the visual below.

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