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Pull The Trigger is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Australian musician, singer, songwriter and producer, Mickey Kojack has dropped his new single, Pull The Trigger. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY his top five musical moments featured in films.

A good movie is like a good sandwich. You’ve got your meaty storyline, a cast of fun, exciting, crispy and delicious salads - I mean cast members, and the all important sauce that holds it together, the soundtrack and scoring.

When I was a teenager, my weeknight routine consisted of playing piano for an hour at home, after which my brother and I would watch a new movie. Every single night. We’d talk about how great Quentin Tarantino’s song choices were, how tense and disturbing a Trent Reznor score would make a scene or how incredible it would be to hear Bach re-played on synthesisers instead of a harpsichord. Below are a selection of my favourite films and their fantastic musical moments.


I grew up practicing and performing a lot of baroque and classical music on the piano, so when I first watched Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and heard Wendy Carlos’ reimagining of so many literal classics, my tiny teenage ears perked up and couldn’t help but be amazed by the incredible sounds of J.S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven being played on a synthesiser.


Ridley Scott’s original Bladerunner scored by Vangelis is an undeniable masterpiece. When it’s sequel was announced along with a new musical mastermind at the helm, a lot of diehard sci-fi/synth fans were skeptical, including myself. But holy hell. The immense, euphoric synths and soundscapes Zimmer created facilitated one of the best cinema experiences I’ve had the privilege.


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have created some incredible, eery soundtracks in their time, often working in the sci-fi, thriller genre. When I saw that they’d be working on Soul, a pixar movie with Jon Batiste... well, to say I was curious would be an understatement. What they created is by no stretch, my favourite animated film score, with one moment in particular - Epiphany bringing me to literal tears. Even thinking about it now makes wanna tear up.


Picking a favourite moment or song from Blues Brothers is an impossible task. Upon every rewatch of this absolute classic, a new favourite emerges. From James Brown and Chaka Khan’s gospel spectacle to Aretha Franklin’s soulful soul food diner number Think all the way to a tongue-in-cheek cover of the theme from a show I’d expect no one born from 1980 onwards has watched, Blues Brothers is a timeless showcase of soul and R&B singers with talent and musicianship beyond anything we’ll probably get to experience in our lifetime


Now I know I’m bending the rule here a little, but this is MY top five god damnit and it would be a shame if I couldn’t show this clip to the world. I can’t remember the first time I watched Twin Peaks, but thank god I did, because it introduced me to the amazing and underrated composer Angelo Badalamenti. He’s worked closely with director David Lynch and the two have shared a long and truly collaborative career. The clip below shows how he wrote the Twin Peaks theme, recalling the moment he sat side by side with Lynch and just... just watch it.

Pull The Trigger is out now!


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