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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Mac The Knife below!

Eora/Sydney-based post-punk quintet, Mac the Knife have dropped their new single, Blood Of My Blood. The track is set to appear on the bands forthcoming sophomore EP, In The Shadow Of It All.

Produced by Michael Kuhle, the dynamic track finds frontman Bryn Chapman Parish laying the past to rest and exploring the complexity of love and the human existence. Introspective and thought provoking lyricism fuels the songs driving nature. His compelling vocal performance booms atop bewitching guitar work and propulsive percussion that encapsulates the bands expertly crafted post-punk sonic realm.

"A single uncovered secret can change your perception of your life. A life you’ve grown up believing and trusting. The past changes, fears arise, and history is questioned. All of the sudden each room you enter could hold a piece of a misshapen puzzle. Every crowd could hold a face you're afraid to lay eyes on. Blood of my Blood is one of the more personal songs I’ve written. It cuts very close to the bone. It’s true catharsis. It’s about love, making peace with the past, and understanding that humans are complex, fallible beings. Even those who you look up to the most." Chapman Parish shares.

To celebrate the release, the band will take to the stage at Marrickville Bowls Club this Friday evening. Supported by femme nu-punk band DOWNGIRL and disco act Barley Passable, tickets are on sale now!

Blood Of My Blood is out now!


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