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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Barley Passable!

Sydney-based duo Barley Passable are back, delivering their new banger On & On & On. The track serves as the first taste of new music from the pair since the release of their debut EP, Hindsight, and their signing to booking agents Niche (Jungle, Parcels, Benee).

The musical project Davy Brown and Kai Ollmann, the duo are offering up a slice of electro-pop dance goodness with On & On & On. The confident cut navigates the journey of self discovery, supported by loved ones who are always there in your corner. Brown's striking vocals command attention atop a dynamic and textural soundscape heralded by booming synth work and and a children's choir backing.

Realised during an intense writing period, On & On & On is one of many tracks that came to be after the duo returned to unfinished demos in an attempt to breathe new life into the compositions. "Unsurprisingly, cutting ourselves off from everyone and everything in the name of hard work did not bode well for our mental health and we both really wanted (and needed) an escape. A big break from each other and from music. A big break to let loose completely and live our lives in the opposite way that we had been." Brown and Ollmann share.

Forming in early 2019, Ollman and Brown joined forces after a mutual distaste of their studies. Spending twelve months working on original music, the duo made their debut in 2020 with All I Have, followed up by Whether Or Not. They soon set their sights on releasing a succinct body of work, with Hindsight serving as catalogue of irresistible tunes.

On & On & On is out now. Watch our interview with Barley Passable above


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