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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Rookie Era is set to arrive this October.

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Sydney artist LOVER has today shared his introspective new track, Pushing Daisies. Co-written with Chris Lanzon, the song is set to appear on the musicians forthcoming EP Rookie Era, due out this October.

Continuing his signature alt-pop sonics, the textural release sees the musician implement more considered vocal layering, whilst exploring mortality and our conceived ideas surrounding death. Pushing Daisies is the third taste of LOVER's forthcoming EP, joining Wow and Palm Reader.

Speaking of the track, LOVER shares: "In December 2020 I went on a writing trip down to country NSW with Chris [Lanzon] & Nick [Ward]. We wrote a bunch of music and hung out over a few days, really getting inspired for our next projects. Chris and I were up late and wrote the majority of 'Pushing Daisies' together in an hour. We held onto the track for a few months, trying different structures and vocal methods before finally resting on the song as you hear it today! With 'Pushing Daisies' I wanted to hear the LOVER sound amped. Similar to ‘Wow’ - I’d been listening to The Strokes, Jean Dawson and Omar Apollo and hope those influences show. I had the hook idea ‘Pushing Daisies’, which I wanted to use to explore the concept of the finite time we have on earth… Whether we can really prepare for death, the death of a loved one or the afterlife. I choose to be optimistic that we can!"

Pushing Daisies is out now!


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