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nobody loves you when you're down is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Meanjin/Brisbane-based alt-pop group JUNO have dropped their new single, nobody loves you when you're down, produced, mixed and mastered by band member Sam Woods and Jude Korab. To celebrate the release, vocalist Kahlia Ferguson has shared with MILKY her top five meat-free meals.

"'nobody loves you when you're down' is a song about toxic friendships that bail on you whenever you're going through hard times. I've had periods of time where my mental health has suffered and life has hit me with a lot of curve balls, and communication has just slowly dropped off with certain people in my life. Those friends are always so happy and keen to be there when you'redown to party and drink and dance, but conveniently disappear when you really need them. I drew a lot of inspiration from the TV show Euphoria. The imagery and themes really got into my head after bingeing both seasons." the band share.

I eat these for dinner AT LEAST three times a week. They’re best cooked in the air fryer for 15 minutes and then added to a salad or with a side of beans and mashed potato. They’re so tasty and even my boyfriend, who loves meat, really likes them.

I used to love Maccas nuggies, and these are a really good alternative. I love eating them with tomato sauce or sliced over my salads.

Controversial opinion! But I really don’t like vege patties. I just feel like most restaurants and pubs go for that bubble and squeak pattie vibe or mushy vegetables and I’m just not here for it. The Beyond pattie literally tastes like a beef pattie (without the grease overload) and it’s just a good neutral flavour for a burger. I also fry it off and put it in my pasta. SO GOOD.

These are ridiculous because they literally taste like real hotdogs. I’m so glad they created these hot dogs because I constantly crave a white bun with a hotdog, tomato, and cheese ugh.

Linda is actually Paul McCartney’s late wife who started this amazing vegetarian brand. These are ridiculously delicious, as is everything this brand creates.

nobody loves you when you're down is out now!


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