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  • Katerina Papathanasopoulos


Join our monthly book club!

Image: Hachette Australia.

Our June book club pick is Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros.  

This is a book that will leave you engrossed, teary and wanting more. It was the novel that took over 2023 - winning countless awards and the hearts of many readers. Therefore it was a must to delve into this world and find out for ourselves what makes this tale so special.

Our findings? Weaving an intricate story, full of spectacular world building and enthralling plot lines that culminate in an other worldly experience, Fourth Wing will reignite your passion for fantasy, romance and adventure.  

Found family is a key theme within this book, and ultimately you as the reader feel included when reading Fourth Wing. Yarros is a spellbinding storyteller, who crafts a great tale that reminds this reader of fantasy series’ once enjoyed as a youth. This is just more mature in its content, themes and character development. Ultimately, it was a thrilling ride from start to finish and is definitely a series we’ll be following avidly. 

Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing is available now via Machete Australia.


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