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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musician has recently signed with Melbourne boutique, electronic record label Soothsayer.

Image: Juan Villamor

UK-born, Sydney-based producer Jonny Reebok has dropped his latest single, Aphrodite Dub. The track is the first half of the musicians double A-side, set for release later this month.

Of the track, Reebok said he was inspired to "create dark, heavy club music and keep you on all ten toes with bass heavy direction”. With echoing synths and tight bass vibrations, Reebok references the tranquility of earlier electronic music over a combination UKG, jungle and dub sounds.

Reebok says his discovery of early-era dubstep has been a critical influence on his own music, “After some much needed time away from releasing music I have had the time and space to explore what sound I want to continue to make. I’m moving away from sample-based tracks and more towards rhythm and bass focused music. ‘Aphrodite Dub’ is a garage/dub mash up I finished in an unknown airport on my Europe trip. I couldn’t help myself but add some classic breaks to the track. This was my first time experimenting with sending digital sounds thru analogue equipment. Kinda wild to think that my sound has gone from house 2 garage 2 dubstep just like the original UK scenes progressed in the 90s into the 2000s.”

The musician has recently signed with Melbourne boutique, electronic record label Soothsayer. With his first release under the label, Soothsayer’s Chris Rigney said of the release, “This release is a dream come true for us at Soothers. Jonny’s done remixes for us, played our parties and been illegally adopted by ALTA so it was only natural to link up for a release. The music he makes is truly exceptional for someone his age, and we’re just happy to play a lil part in the next phase of his story. He truly is a talent for the future so watch this space.”

Aphrodite Dub is out now! Watch the music video for the track below.


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