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Sleep Alone is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Perth’s Joan & The Giants have dropped their new single, Sleep Alone, and have just kicked off their national tour! To celebrate, the band have shared with MILKY ten places they can't wait to visit on tour.

Having taken to the stage in Newcastle last night, the run of shows will continue on to Bondi, Wollongong, Brookvale, Alexandria, Brunswick, St Kilda, Mornington, Coburg, Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough, before wrapping up in Perth on August 5.

“This is our first ever headline East Coast tour - we are all so excited but a little nervous. We’ve been dreaming of flying over and just playing music over there for so long, as live shows are probably my most favorite thing to do in the world. We’ve toured WA many times, from the top to the bottom and played hundreds of shows over here - we’re ready to get on a plane and explore a new part of Aus (and of course come back to WA for the regional leg). The connection and energy from shows is something else, and even if 5 people come down - we get to share what we’ve been working on for so long over here and make the spaces as big, bold and beautiful as we can possibly go!“ shares frontwoman Grace Newton-Wordworth.

First up on July 5th we’re off to Newcastle at Hamilton Hill Station Hotel! I am very excited to explore this area, as we’ve never been! I’ve heard the beaches and street art are amazing, so we’ll be checking out everything we can with a hot cappuccino for the walks!

Second spot on the tour is Bondi on July 6th at the Bondi Hotel, and this is a place that is obviously notorious for beach goers and slow motion running so we’ll obviously be committing to the winter swim, alongside slo mo hair flips on Bondi Beach! Cannot wait for this.

Thirdly, we’re off to Wollongong on July 7th for the Yours and Owls Towradgi Beach Hotel show !!! Wollongong is a place we’ve never been, and we are so darn keen! I would love to go on the Grand Pacific Drive, this looks breathtaking so I’m hoping we get to see all the beautiful views!

Fourthly, we’re moving onto Brookvale for our Bucketty’s Brewery Show! Apparently Brookvale is home to a lot of craft breweries and brews, so we can’t wait to try some beers at our show - as we do love a beer!

Fifthly (is this a word?) we are off to Yulli’s Brews on Sunday 9th July for an arvo show in Alexandria! Apparently there are beautiful weekend markets in this area, and I am a huge sucker for markets. I am from an organic farm, so I love tasting all the produce and finding special treats and gifts!

Now… we’re off to Victoria!!! We’re overall excited for the best coffee in Aus and the best bagels!

Sixthly… on our road trip 11 hour drive to VIC, we are stopping off in a beautiful place called Tumut! The nature, parks and rivers around this town look so amazing like we’re going to be in an Enid Blyton novel. I was hoping to have a look at some snow on the way, but I don’t think we can afford the tyres!

Seventhly - We’re playing the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick on Wed 12th July! Brunswick is a place I have been and fell in love with ! The culture of the cafes, and bars is just so much fun to be around and soak yourself into and I can’t wait to play this show in a city we adore!

Eighthly - Up next is the Espy Basement in St Kilda!!! I’ve heard this venue is a lot of fun to play, and I’m also keen to take in the beautiful St Kilda Pier and go for some walks. I also really want to go on some rides at Luna Park so I hope we have time for that! I am a sucker for a short lived thrill seeking adventure!

Ninthly - We play Gods Bandroom in Mornington!!! This place looks really beautiful, and we’re excited to explore the area and potentially go on Arthurs Seat Eagle if we can!

Tenthly! Our last show on the East Coast is at the Post Office Hotel in Coburg. Apparently Coburg has some amazing cafes, and the thing we’re always looking for is a coffee! We’ll be soaking in the environment, sipping on the delish coffee and playing our last show over East - gonna be a happy, sad one saying goodbye until the next trip!

Sleep Alone is out now!


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