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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


My Everything is out now!

Image: Sophie Joyce

Sydney band Jet City Sports Club have dropped their new single, My Everything. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY their ultimate festival guide.

My Everything was a song originally written about a dream vocalist Lilla had about a loved one being struck by lightning. The band spent a bunch of time finding more meaning in the track and have come out the other side with a symbolically rich indie-banger about being in love with someone whilst enduring a storm, and enjoying mundane things while the world is crashing down around you.”

Jet City Sports Club will take to the stage at Lost Paradise in Glenworth Valley, NSW from December 28, 2022 - Monday, January 1 2023. Tickets are on sale now!


Wear a Hat! Unless you wanna have a peeling scalp and a beetroot for a face, sacrifice that perfect fringe and cover that head!


Have the ultimate camping setup; Don't skimp out, bring like 4 tarps, a big gazebo, tables and plenty of chairs. You wanna be comfortable and have plenty of shaded area.


Watch out for your friends, make sure everybody is comfortable, having a good time and hydrated!


Also, watch out for others in the mosh pit! If someone is looking stressed or getting squished, signal a security guard to pull them out or just check in to see if they are doing okay! Have eachothers backs!


WATERRRRRR! Take the largest water bottle you own and keep that baby filled.


Wet wipes; Essential (but try to get those compostable ones, gotta be good to our planet!) They are for cleaning all that dirt off throughout the day. And when the showers are gross after 4 days

My Everything is out now!


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